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Understanding the user-experience and having a passion for simplicity is key during the website design process. You have three to six seconds to catch someone's attention, so you'd better get it right the first time. Our technical capabilities is second to none, and range from creating the first interactive proposal for NASA, developed with Boeing/McDonnell Dougles for the reusable x-33 launch rocket project, to a major site for a university. Wollner has also been teachning Advanced User Interface Design and User Experience development at the American Film Institute (AFI) for two years. We understand the importance of reaching users on all platforms, whether it is mobile, tablet, or desktop. We guarantee that when we build your website, it'll be as original as you are.

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"WollnerStudios was assigned to redesign TUI University's website on a short timeline and aggressive budget. They have performed to our outmost satisfaction reducing our bounce rate by 25% and increasing the amount of time visitors spend on our site. I am thankful to Michael and his team for delivering a product that exceeded the value of the contract. Thank you." Tim Finaly , VP of Administration, TUI University

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Every website is different, therefore, the cost is different too. How much it will cost depends on a wide variety of tasks. Our hourly rates range from $125 per hour for design, SEO and web development, to about $225 per hour for advanced programming and strategy development. Call us today for a no-obligation quote for YOUR special site.

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Content Management Systems should be simple and intuitive, not complex and confusing. We custom build our solutions for each client, so there's no need for tutorials or manuals.


All commerce-enabled websites are different. That's why we customize each site to the particular business and market. We'll select the right shopping cart system that makes the most sense for your business, whether that's Magento, eCart, or some other popular platform.

Mobile Sites

In May 2015, Goggle announced that there are more searches on mobile devices than there are on desktops. Furthermore, they stated websites that aren't mobile responsive will drop up to 12% in search rankings.


With millions of websites online and more popping up all the time, you need optimization if you want to be found at all. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are the only ways to ensure your customers will find you online.